By Gayane Melikyan
History Museum of Armenia opens “The First Republic of Armenia: A 100-year Retrospective Glance”
On May 25, at the initiative of the RA Ministry of Culture, the History Museum of Armenia opened an exhibition called “The First Republic of Armenia: A 100-year Retrospective Glance”.
The exhibition features a presentation of major historical facts, figures and riches through the synthesis of modern technologies.
Among the attendees of the opening was RA Minister of Culture Lilit Makunts, who stated that such an exhibition is important in order to transmit to the generations the symbol of the day and the main idea, that is independence, statehood and sovereignty.
“The exhibition itself embodies two major events — the May Heroic Battles and the establishment of the First Republic of Armenia. I congratulate us all on this major event. We must definitely move forward, attaching importance to independence and a free state and having this in our mind and bearing it within the culture,” the Minister stated.
Head of the Public Relations Department of Factory Production Arusyak Safaryan told journalists that it is very important to look at the historical wealth in a new way and present it to the public at large.
“The exhibition is divided into halls, the colors of which correspond to the colors of the Armenian national flag. The first hall (Red Hall) shows the battles that the Armenians led in Sardarapat, Gharakilisa and Bash-Aparan. The Blue Hall shows the establishment of the State, the activities of the government, parliament, judiciary and diplomatic corps, while the Orange Hall features the development of culture and economy. Several symbols were used for this exhibition. The exhibition was launched with the call of Aram Manukyan, and next, we can see how the State developed. One can also see the functioning of mechanical wheels symbolizing the process and development,” Arusyak Safaryan stated.
According to Safaryan, the exhibition was organized in partnership with the History Museum of Armenia and that there are also several museum samples, including personal items, manuscripts and calls that were of great significance.
“We wanted to combine all this and present it through state-of-the-art technologies. This is simply a way of presenting history in a new way,” Arusyak Safaryan noted.
P.S.: Thus, the History Museum of Armenia is providing its visitors with another opportunity to “walk” on the path that led to the establishment of the First Republic of Armenia through this exhibition.