Snow Maiden in different countries…
Not only Santa Claus, but also Snow Maiden is the beloved guest of the New Year. Back in the mid-19th century, Snow Maiden was presented as a small girl, but later, she started looking like a beautiful young lady.

Both the image and name of Snow Maiden are different in all countries.

In Italy, she is known as Fairy Befana, in Mongolia — Jazan Okhi, in Germany — Christkind, and in Sweden — Lucy.

Despite the fact that Fairy Befana (Italy), who is not as beautiful (she is an old woman with a big nose and a broom) as the Russian Snow Maiden, whom the Russians refer to as Snegurochka, she always makes children happy when she appears. Legend has it that Befana atones for her sins of the past by giving gifts to children. In exchange, children treat her to pastry and fruits. 

The Mongolian Santa Claus (Uvlin Uvguna) has two assistants — Zhin Shin (New Year, boy) and Zazan Okhin (Snow Girl). Moreover, Zazan Okhin loves to give children gifts when they guess her riddle.

As mentioned earlier, Germany’s Snow Maiden is referred to as Christkind. She always wears a long, white and starry dress, a crown on her head and carries a basket full of pastries and desserts in her hand. This beauty gives gifts to children who have been bad throughout the year, and they sing songs and recite poems for her. 

In Sweden, the famous Lucia (Queen of Light) has been known since the past century, but the story behind her emergence is known as a tragic story. There is even a holiday dedicated

to her and is referred to as St. Lucia Day. The traditions have changed a little, and her clothes have also undergone changes. Lucia now wears a white gown, a red belt on her back and a wreath on her head on which candles are often placed. 

In Armenia, Snow Maiden is of special significance. She is often referred to as “Dzyuneh Anoush” (Snowy Sweet). You can see the Armenian Snow Maiden with a long fur coat, silver or golden jewels and a splendid crown on her head.