By Almira Nikoghosyan
Photos by Almira Nikoghosyan
Reception held with the spirit and breath of Armenians
On November 29, a volunteer of the “Youth Events Holding Center” in London Hovhannes Karapetyan and I hosted an Armenian reception, showing the splendor and abundance that is characteristic of Armenians.

The tasting of appetizing Armenian national dishes was attended by employees of the CWM organization (coordinating various volunteer programs of the Youth Voluntary Service in Gdinya) and 30 volunteers and was held to the sounds of the touching melodies of Komitas. The modulations of this soft and godly music conveyed a sort of mysticism to the attendees and everything around them. I had the universal feeling as if I had taken “a handful of Armenia” to that lifeless office where everyone is always working and have almost no time to interact with each other for a while.

Mellifluous Ghapama, sweet-smelling Armenian gata, traditional Armenian dolma, pasuts dolma made especially for vegetarians, tasty appetizers, teas made with thyme, mint, Nana, basil and chamomile…the only thing left to do is to say “Bon Appétit!”

I am sure you can imagine how pleasant it was to have the employees of the organization and volunteers of different countries approach us at the end of the day and ask us for the recipes of the Armenian dishes and how to make them.

I am glad to emphasize the fact that our expectations from the preparations that lasted day and night were met. Unquestionably, Armenian cuisine attracted foreigners once again with its unique taste and pleasant scents.

Believe me when I say that it is quite difficult to satisfy “whimsical guests”, but as they say, we laid the sword on the sheath with glory…