By Gayane Melikyan
Photos by Armen Simonyan
Luys Foundation: Driving force for Armenia’s development, new strategic approaches
On October 31, Luys Foundation hosted an event devoted to the presentation of the strategic alignment of the Scholarship Program.

Established in 2009, the mission of Luys Foundation is to ensure Armenia’s development in a knowledge-based world economy. Throughout the eight years of its existence, Luys has carried out its mission through several educational and development programs in Armenia and around the world. Today, the Foundation has a community of over 500 scholarship recipients and alumni from different corners of the globe. They all show active participation in making positive changes in their respective workplaces and at research centers where they pursue their studies. In his speech during a meeting with Luys’s community in July 2017,

President of the Republic of Armenia, co-founder of Luys Foundation Serzh Sargsyan stated that the time has come to make strategic changes in the Foundation’s activities. In the months that followed, Luys has conducted an in-depth study of all of its functions. Based on the analysis, the Foundation’s academic council has made a decision to adopt a new mechanism for the Scholarship Program. This new strategic approach will allow serving for the development of Armenia and all Armenians in a goal-oriented manner. During the event, Luys Foundation’s alumni talked about their programs and achievements and were introduced to the new provisions of the Scholarship Program.

Executive Director of the Educational Program of Luys Foundation Jacqueline Karaaslanian presented the activities that the Foundation has carried out over the past years and stated that it is important to understand the mission and vision of the Foundation and their implementation.

“We always talk about scholarships, but never about the vision. The major force is the intellectual force. Armenia is a small country, but the power of creating is outstanding in Armenia. Luys Foundation is actually a powerful symbol. Armenia is making the transition from revival to development, a new stage of development and a new inspiring stage. The idea of Luys is to create a great intellectual force. We need to link Armenia to the world so that it

grows along with other countries. Learn, act and co-create-this is the important thing,” Executive Director of the Foundation’s Educational Program said and added that there are major challenges in reality. According to her, the Foundation’s great achievement is the fact that it used to have 40 students and now has 517. They are all a driving force and Armenia is becoming strong thanks to them.

Operations Director of Luys Foundation Gaiane Ghumashyan briefly presented the Foundation’s past activities and current projects under implementation. “Throughout the Foundation’s existence, we have established platforms that have provided young people with the opportunity to express themselves, share their skills and experiences and, of course, enhance their capabilities, knowledge and skills,” she stated.

Founder of Study of Success Educational Center Diana Nazaryan stated that one needs to take a step in order to achieve success. “You know, when you take a certain path, you think there are factors that are not important and other factors that are important, but over time, I realized that everything is the opposite. I also realized that academic knowledge is not enough and that rhetoric and the ability to communicate are also important,” Diana Nazaryan stated.

Conciliator of the Court of Appeals of Washington DC, lawyer Mushegh Manukyan supports the functioning of arbitrage in Armenia and is currently founding his law firm and in Armenia. “You simply have to understand that if there is an opportunity for conciliation, then take advantage of the opportunity without thinking twice. For Armenia’s conciliators, it is important and nice to tell the judge “the parties have reconciled”,” Mushegh Manukyan said.

Educational Reforms Officer of the Center for Strategic Initiatives and Director of the COAF for Relations with International Donors Vigen Shirvanyan talked about the circles of cooperation and stated that he is very glad that he has participated in the development and preparation of various programs and projects. He also presented the past and current activities of the COAF.

Assistant to the Minister of Education and Science of the Republic of Armenia Martha Sandoyan and Programs Director of the Foundation for the Development of Armenia Maneh

Adamyan talked about their current activities and expressed gratitude to Luys Foundation for its support.

The meeting showed once again that young Armenians have potential, the basis of which is quality education and intellectual force.