Armenia’s delegation participating in International Youth Ministers Meeting in Russia
Representatives of the government agencies of 70 countries in charge of youth affairs are in Russia to discuss issues of youth concern.

The International Youth Ministers Meeting is taking place in Moscow ahead of the International Festival of Youth and Students, reported TASS. Armenia’s delegation is headed by Deputy Minister of Sport and Youth Affairs of the Republic of Armenia Arsen Karamyan.

During the event, Karamyan gave a speech entitled “Regional Security Challenges for Youth: Armenia’s Approach”.

“Young people represent major potential and serve as the guarantee for further development of our states. Youth issues are mainly the same in the countries of most of us, and they are quality of education, employment, socio-economic and other issues. International and regional security is important for any young person to express himself and become engaged in society and economy. A safe environment is the main guarantee for youth to act and grow in order to shape the future of their respective countries,” Karamyan stated in his speech.

According to him, the lack of international and regional stability, active and frozen conflicts and other issues stand in young people’s way of realizing their full potential, multiply the issues and delay the solutions to those issues. In our region, a similar issue is the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict. In his speech, the Deputy Minister of Sport and Youth Affairs also addressed the conflict.

“The Republic of Armenia never spares efforts for a peaceful resolution of the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict in order to ensure a safe environment for the self-determination of the young people of all the nations in the region. Only in case of security can young people be able to make a contribution to their future and lay the foundation for the future development of their respective countries. The solution is directly hinged on dialogue and mutual concession, which can’t imply a lower status than the current status of the Republic of Artsakh,” Arsen Karamyan emphasized.

The Armenian delegation is also participating in working meetings to expand international cooperation in the youth sector.